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Ford Stole Fan's Ideas for Limited Edition Focus RS, and We're Not Complaining!

Do you ever see a new product in stores and think the manufacturer must have stolen your idea? Usually it's just a coincidence—but not for fans of the Focus RS!

Little did these hot-hatch enthusiasts know, Ford Performance employees were lurking on their forums, listening to them enumerate features they wanted to see, looking at their Photoshop renderings of color schemes. Then, Ford made their dream-car real.

Ford is releasing a limited-edition 2018 Focus RS, with only a thousand units available in the United States, based on feedback taken straight off enthusiast forums. A few...

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Keep Your Car Sparkling

Having a vehicle is a big investment, and most people want to protect their investments. So how do your keep your vehicle from losing its value?

There are many things that you can do, like maintaining the fluids and getting regular oil changes, but keeping the exterior in pristine condition will really help out the resale value. So, how do you do that? It's simpler than you think. All you need to do is keep your car clean. Get it washed every two weeks (at least) and make sure that you also wax it so there is a layer…
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Car Batteries Will Never Last Forever

When a car battery is not fully charged, it loses a great deal of its power which is needed to fulfill many purposes. Not only does a car battery start your engine, but it’s needed in multiple purposes throughout its entire life cycle. For such as small unit, it packs a lot of functionality towards the operation of your car.

If you start to notice things such as your power windows not working, the car radio stops working, or any lights within the vehicle become dim, then you might be in need of a car battery replacement. Of course…
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Now is the Time to Plan Your Road Trip

The best thing you can do when packing for your road trip is to anticipate trouble and plan accordingly. If you have all the bases covered, the chances of a minor incident derailing the trip decreases.
  1. Bring a couple cans of tire fix-a-flat in case you get more than one flat.
  2. Pack a box with a good assortment of tools that can make minor repairs.
  3. Keep some duct tape in the tool box for patching up just about anything.
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